• I started tap dancing in the early seventies, at around seven years of age. My first teacher was Eva Hemming, a ballet dancer and my ballet teacher who then became my tap teacher by her retirement from the Finnish National Ballet.

    After finishing high school I sought for new teachers and by coincidence ended up in Denmark.
    First I studied with an English tap teacher Julie Bull for some time. I also studied mime, physical theatre and clowning at The Commedia School in Copenhagen and built a career as a comic actress, combined with tap dancing.

    In 1999 I met an American tap teacher and choreographer T.J. Rizzo. We started a collaboration on the tap performances Shuffle Show (2001), Tap Dance Concerto (2002) and Second Act (2006), choreographed by Mr. Rizzo and performed by me, among others. I found myself renewing my technique inspired by T.J. who has by far the most elegant tap style I have seen.

    Around the year 2000 festivals and workshops started to emerge in many places, and it became easier to meet new teachers and find inspiration.
    Now, years later, I've had the opportunity to study with many of the finest teachers and performers in tap dancing.
    One huge inspiration has been Jason Samuels Smith, whom I met the first time in 2004 at Feet Beat Tap Festival in Finland.

    In addition to my acting and tap dancing career I work as a gestalt psychotherapist with a private practice in Helsinki, Finland.